It's clear that the talented team at Aquiris Game Studio are having fun refining Horizon Chase Turbo to make it the ultimate retro-fuelled racer. We've seen a few updates to the game so far and the latest free update will take racers to Brazil. Not just any part of Brazil mind, we'll be transported to the lovely city of Porto Alegre, the developer's hometown.

In this special celebration, the free update includes 2 new tracks around the aforementioned city and 1 additional car, the Minuano, with 6 skins. In Horizon Chase Turbo on Switch, all skins will be available at launch (as opposed to the mobile version of the game which will get them in future updates).

Here's a bit more about the update from the patriotic devs:

The new car, Minuano, is inspired by a nostalgic model designed and produced in Porto Alegre in the '80s. Furthermore, the Update offers two additional tracks: Guaíba Sunset and Nightfall in Porto Alegre, full of references to real landmarks of our hometown.

"We couldn't be more excited to introduce our hometown to the millions of Horizon Chase players. The game concept is to race in some of the most iconic cities in the World, presenting beautiful horizons and genuine aspects to each one of them. So, thinking about the landmarks and choosing what could be the most authentic aspects of our hometown was really fun to do. And the new soundtrack is the best final touch we could do to this Update. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we did", Sandro Manfredini, Business Director at AQUIRIS.

Are you still enjoying Horizon Chase Turbo? Let us know what you think of this lovely update with a comment below.