Blair Switch

Following the June launch date reveal for Bloober Team's Blair Witch on Switch, the developer has provided us with some exclusive Switch screenshots for you to enjoy.

The game arrives on Switch on 25th June following its debut on other platforms last year, and judging from the images below, it looks to be shaping up very nicely on Nintendo's handheld hybrid. Take a gander for yourself:

Blair Witch is being published by Bloober Team NA and it's built in Unreal Engine 4, so we've got high hopes for an excellent Switch port, one which everyone and their dog will surely be calling 'Blair Switch'.

Speaking of dogs, the good boy who accompanies Ellis Lynch on his chilling trip through the Black Hills Forest is a loyal and invaluable companion, and an important part of the game. You'll want to keep him very close by if a video posted to the game's official Facebook page is anything to go by:

DO NOT EVER LET HIM GO! Let us know below if you'll be grabbing on to Blair Witch on Switch next month.