One of the Nintendo 3DS's most quirky - and well-received - apps was Colors! 3D, a digital art package that enabled everyone from beginners to professional artists to create and share amazing art. Now, a new entry is in the works for Nintendo Switch.

The app's designer, programmer and creator, Jens Andersson, has today launched a brand new Kickstarter to get the project going on Switch. It's called Colors Live, and expands upon the previous entry by adding pressure-sensitivity (possible thanks to a bundled Colors SonarPen) as well as a challenging and creative new game-mode called Colors Quest.

The pen is a particularly interesting piece of kit which actually works by plugging into the Switch's headphone jack. It's pressure-sensitive, meaning you can paint in a much more realistic manner than ever before, and also introduces a 'palm rejection' feature which lets you rest your hand on the screen while painting.

You can go ahead and pledge your support on Kickstarter here. The page notes that Colors Live is "pretty much ready for shipping", with a summer release being planned.

Did you try Colors! 3D on the 3DS? Will you considering giving this one a go? Let us know with a comment below.