Dark Souls Remastered

It took a while, but Nintendo gamers finally got to sample the delights of the Dark Souls series when Dark Souls: Remastered launched on Switch back in October 2018. The original game released in 2011 and ushered in a new era of unforgiving titles that rewarded patience and skill with deep combat and intriguing, lore-filled kingdoms to explore. The series punishes carelessness, though, and (re)introduced a generation of gamers to that staple of video games that was becoming a rare sight: the Game Over screen.

We gamers are gluttons for punishment, though, as confirmed today by developer FromSoftware who announced via Twitter that the series has sold over 27 million copies to date, including both sequels to the seminal original:

The tweet also references Elden Ring, FromSoftware's upcoming project and collaboration with novelist George R. R. Martin, writer of A Song Of Ice And Fire, the series adapted into HBO's Game of Thrones.

Elden Ring hasn't been announced for Switch, and Nintendo gamers are still missing the second and third entries in the Dark Souls trilogy. Interestingly, over 10 million of these sales come from 2016's Dark Souls III. It's great to see that the series has done so well, and we'd jump at the chance to play more of the trilogy on Switch. Come on, FromSoftware - give us the chance to push that total up to 30 million, hmm?

While the first Dark Souls gets the most plaudits, we're still fans of the sequels (particularly the oft-maligned middle chapter). How about you? Let us know in the darkest realm of the comment section below...

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