If you're looking forward to checking out Catherine: Full Body on Nintendo Switch this summer, you'll be pleased to know that a demo for the game is currently being planned.

The news comes from a Q+A page posted by publisher Atlus, which says that news of the trial version's release date will be shared as soon as possible. The page also notes that you'll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play online (as you'd expect) but that you won't be able to join up with friends who own the game on other platforms.

Elsewhere, Atlus confirms that the upcoming Switch edition will include a number of previously paid-for DLCs as standard, and that the game's file size will be "11.4 GB or more". Western localisations can sometimes differ in file size, so make sure to save a little more than that 11.4 GB to be safe.

Catherine Full Body Switch

Looking forward to playing this cult classic action-adventure puzzler on the go? It's set to launch on Switch this July.

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