First revealed in last month's Nintendo Direct presentation, XCOM 2: Collection is headed to Nintendo Switch on 29th May. Fans who have played this critically-acclaimed strategy title on other platforms will know exactly why this new release presents cause for excitement, but just in case you've never seen or heard about it before, this new video should have you covered.

Uploaded to the official XCOM YouTube channel, the video hopes to explain "everything you need to know about XCOM 2". We've also got a handy write up for you below should you want to learn more:

The XCOM 2 Collection includes the award-winning strategy game XCOM 2, the War of the Chosen expansion, and four DLC packs (Resistance Warrior Pack, Anarchy’s Children, Alien Hunters, Shen’s Last Gift).


XCOM 2 is the sequel to the award-winning strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Twenty years have passed since humanity lost the war against the alien invaders and a new world order now exists on Earth. After years of lurking in the shadows, XCOM forces must rise and eliminate the alien occupation. Join the resistance.


The fight against ADVENT continues when additional resistance factions form in order to eliminate the alien threat on Earth. In response, a new enemy, known as the “Chosen,” emerges with one goal: recapture the Commander. This expansion to the 2016 award-winning strategy game of the year includes new Hero classes to counter the “Chosen”, new enemies, missions, environments and increased depth in strategic gameplay. Requires XCOM 2 to play.

Frustratingly for physical collectors, it has been revealed that XCOM 2 Collection - alongside 2K Games' other physical releases Borderlands Legendary Collection and Bioshock: The Collection - will require pretty hefty downloads. You won't find the complete packages available on the cart, so a microSD card will likely be required.

Are you looking forward to playing XCOM 2 on Switch? Are you already a fan of the series, or will this be your first time? Tell us below.