After launching on the Japanese Switch eShop towards the end of last month, it has now been revealed that SEGA AGES G-LOC: Air Battle will be released in the west on 30th April.

The game, created by acclaimed designer Yu Suzuki, has you dodging and weaving your way through treacherous skies, taking control of an experimental aircraft on a series of timed missions. It's arguably most famous for being one of the games that supported Sega's insane R360 arcade cabinet.

We actually went ahead and reviewed the Japanese version a couple of weeks ago. Here's what we had to say:

An action-packed arcade title with a greater focus on offensive play than the likes of After Burner. G-LOC's first-ever home release is a welcome one. It's got a couple of frustrating stages and, as is the case with most arcade games, it has longevity issues, but as long as you don't mind playing the same short series of stages over and over again to edge yourself up the online rankings, it's a good way to pass 10 minutes at a time.

As with all Sega Ages games, this one will be available on Switch for $7.99 / £5.99 - unless you've already picked up the Japanese version, of course.

Have you been waiting for this one to fly westward? Let us know if you plan to pick it up with a comment below.