PS5 DualSense Controller

Yesterday, Sony revealed the upcoming PlayStation 5's brand new controller, the DualSense. Our chums over at Push Square have details on everything you need to know about if you're thinking of grabbing a PS5 later this year, but we couldn't help but notice one small - and very silly - detail ourselves.

Actually brought to our attention thanks to the tweet below, we've realised that the controller's shiny new 'Create' button looks strangely familiar. We're not sure what the design is really supposed to represent exactly, but it sure does look an awful lot like the honk of everyone's favourite indie goose.

Since launching on Switch last September, Untitled Goose Game has also waddled on over to the PS4. If a sequel should be released later down the line on PS5, wouldn't that just make for the perfect honk button?

Do you like the new PS5 controller design? Think it'll be any nicer than the Switch's Pro Controller? Give us a honk in the comments.