We've seen plenty of fantastic Animal Crossing: New Horizons creations from fans and players around the world - like a full recreation of Zelda's Hyrule and the most delicious-looking Tom Nook cake we've ever seen - but we didn't expect to come across something quite like this.

Popular YouTube user ClayClaim has gone ahead and recreated his entire in-game island on a revolving empty toilet roll - you just don't expect to be writing sentences like these when you go for the job interview, you know?

It's a seriously impressive effort, with buildings, trees, the Dodo Airlines plane and more all represented. Each little part is painstakingly made out of polymer clay and stuck on to the toilet roll, allowing the island to roll around like it does in the actual game. You can see it being made in the video above - just look at how amazing it all is.

We're pretty nifty at building things out of clay in the game itself, but we doubt we'd manage anything quite like this in real life. Great job, ClayClaim!

[source youtube.com, via nintendosoup.com]