Cooking Mama

Yesterday, the rights holder of the Cooking Mama series - Office Create - issued an important notice about how Cooking Mama: Cookstar was an "unauthorized release" by Planet Entertainment.

Now, Planet Entertainment has shared its own statement, which attempts to clear up "the mystery" surrounding the recent Nintendo Switch release. The US-based company says it's "fully within its rights" to publish the game and says there is no active litigation or ruling preventing it from doing this.

Below is the full statement from the Cooking Mama: Cookstar Twitter page:

Planet Entertainment
Image: @CookstarMama

As noted above, the "creative differences" supposedly went outside the scope of the original agreement. According to Planet, this is why Office Create isn't happy. Office Create previously said it was evaluating all of its legal options against Planet in order to protect its customers, intellectual property rights, and the Cooking Mama series.

To learn more about this, check out our rather lengthy article documenting the lead-up to both statements.