One of Switch's top multiplayer co-op games, Overcooked 2 has just received a brand new release on the Nintendo eShop. The 'Gourmet Edition' will include all pieces of DLC on top of the base game.

The game has been receiving regular DLC updates ever since it launched on Nintendo's platform, and piecing it all together makes for one hefty full product. If you're yet to experience Overcooked 2, now is absolutely the time to get stuck in.

Key Features:
Every mouthful: Overcooked! 2: Gourmet Edition features Overcooked! 2 and every piece of previously-released DLC for the game, including Surf ‘n’ Turf; Campfire Cook Off; Night of the Hangry Horde; and Carnival of Chaos
A banquet of chefs: 58 chefs are ready to cook up a storm, including those featured in the Too Many Chefs pack
- Dozens of kitchens: The base game and the DLC takes players on a journey through 130 weird and wonderful levels with equally bizarre kitchens!
- A smorgasbord of dishes: From s’mores to sushi, there is a delicious selection of 26 recipes to serve up
- Co-op multiplayer: Up to four players can aim for high scores either online or couch co-op through local multiplayer

Overcooked! 2: Gourmet Edition is available to buy right now on the eShop. Usually, the bundle would be priced at £37.49 / $48.49 / €42.49, but a launch discount taking the game down to £28.12 / $36.37 / €31.87 is active for a limited time.

The standalone game is usually £20 / $25 without any DLC included, so this early discount is really good value.

Will you be buying this bundle? Already own the game on Switch? Let us know with a comment.