Launching next week on Nintendo Switch is Damaged In Transit, a new "mind-bending" puzzler that's sure to test your hand-eye coordination.

The game has you simultaneously controlling two drones who need to deliver cargo across a number of different settings. You'll find spikes, pitfalls, flamethrowers, and more in your way, with 125 levels to complete in total.

Your job is to carefully pilot your drones around these levels - expect to come across desert oases, coal mines, ports, oil rigs, and the like - as you use your map and any useful items you find to open new pathways and deliver each package. Here's a feature list:

• Single Player - Juggle both drones by yourself
• Local Co-Op - Juggle both drones with a friend! Each player takes half the controls
• 125 levels over 5 Worlds
• Spikes!
• Lava!
• Traps!
• Spikes!
• Evil Robots!
• More Spikes!

The game's launching on Switch on 23rd April for $14.99, exactly a month after it first appeared on Steam. Pre-purchasing is scheduled to go live on the eShop tomorrow, however, so make sure to check it out then if you're interested.

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