Launching later this year on Nintendo Switch is Mail Mole, a brand new 3D platformer starring a very cute - and very fast - delivery mole.

He might not be the most orthodox of heroes, but Molty is set to take on lots of demanding platforming challenges to get to each and every mailbox in Carrotland. As you'll no doubt expect, you'll be taking on the role of Molty yourself, making your way over pits, giant boulders, steep slopes, spikes and more. Oh, and just like any 3D platformer worth your time, it'll feature lovely collectables to track down, too.

Mail Mole is the debut title from Talpa Games, a new development studio formed straight out of university. The game's inspired by the classics of the genre, and Talpa Games hopes that players of all ages will enjoy it when it comes to Switch.

Do you think it has the potential to join Switch's best 3D platformers? Will you be keeping an eye out for it when it launches later this year? Let us know with a comment.