Danger Scavenger, a brand new cyberpunk-themed roguelike, is headed to Nintendo Switch and other platforms this year.

Said to be an "intense" affair, Danger Scavenger has players joining up with The Scavengers, a group of outcasts who intend to overthrow evil corporations that rule over the game's dystopian setting. Gameplay revolves around a risk-reward mechanic, with big rewards often coming at a price.

Here's a feature list:

- Dynamic risk-reward gameplay. Make your choice carefully, face the challenges, and become the hero you always wanted to be! Or... pick the easy way and return with nothing.
- Four unique Scavengers to choose from for a good start and with more to come. Each one has its skills and style of fixing problems of the world: stealth, strategy, rapid-fire action, or maybe a mix? You decide!
- Team with up to four Scavengers to kick the corporation's ass in co-op mode!
- Defeat five greedy corporations. Face 30+ types of enemies, their special versions, and bosses.
- Choose from a large selection of 30+ weapons, 50+ items/upgrades, active and passive, to buy or loot.
- Unexpected item combinations that you'll discover during your adventures. Just like no two snowflakes are the same, you can never get the same build twice. Design your perfect strategy by repeated trial and error – followed by many deaths, of course.
- Immersive soundtrack composed by Szymon Weiss.

We must say, these screenshots sure look rather lovely. It'll be launching on PC in Q2 2020, with the console release coming a little later in Q4.

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