Smash Ultimate Mario

Fans of Nintendo's super-popular, franchise-crossing fighter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have taken to Twitter to express their frustration over the game's online play.

Over the past few hours, more and more tweets have been flooding in using the hashtag '#FixUltimateOnline', sometimes being shared in hopes of getting Nintendo's attention, and sometimes just being used as a way to share personal, negative experiences with the game's online modes.

Amongst the most common complaints are the game's buffer system, netcode, input delay, and all sorts of general grievances surrounding lag issues. If you've played a decent number of matches yourself, chances are you've probably stumbled into a situation where the lag is so game-destroying that you can easily nip out of the room, order a pizza, jump back into your seat and still be back in time to make your next move. So we do kind of understand the upset.

Of course, while not exactly excusable under any circumstances, the fact that Nintendo now charges you extra to play games online is only adding to the frustrations. One user tweeted, "We pay for this service Nintendo, sort yourselves out."

Several well-known members of the Smash community and professional players have also had their say:

Ahead of the game's release in December 2018, director Masahiro Sakurai made a point of asking fans to pick up a LAN adapter to play the game with a wired connection, hinting that slow connections could cause significant problems.

Do you often face similar issues? Does it ever leave you feeling annoyed, or are you happy with your experiences of the game online? Feel free to have your say in the comments below.