Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is shaping up to be quite an experience in single-player mode, but it's the online side of things that will attract many high-level players; proving you're the very best against other Smash fans means a lot, as you might expect. Ahem.

Of course, your enjoyment of Smash's online mode may vary depending on the quality of your internet connection. The introduction of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service should make for better online play in general (that's the theory, at least) but Nintendo isn't taking any chances.

During today's Smash Bros. Ultimate broadcast, it was explained that the game's matchmaking service will try and pit you against opponents who live nearby to ensure latency is kept to a minimum. However, Masahiro Sakurai went one step further by practically begging players to opt for a wired connection to play the game online, recommending that they purchase the LAN adapter for their Switch console. This, of course, is only possible when playing in docked mode, as the adapter plugs into the dock itself.

While you could argue that this is common sense - wired connections always offer better performance over wireless ones - it tells you how serious Nintendo is about maintaining the user experience that it uses a platform like the Smash Direct to plead with its fans to pick wired over wireless - which in turn means the console's much-hyped handheld mode is pushed into the background.

Is Nintendo's message enough to convince you, however? Will you be going wireless or will you be picking up a LAN adapter for serious online play? Vote in the poll below and leave a comment to let us know.

How will you be playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch? (434 votes)

  1. Totally wireless58%
  2. Using a wired connection via the LAN adapter11%
  3. A mixture of both, as I want to play in handheld mode too21%
  4. I won't be playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate10%

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