Flipnote Studio

Update: It was all for April Fool's Day!

This has to rank as one of the most elaborate fakes we've seen in a long time, so congratulations to all involved. We'll even let you off for the fact that you didn't actually pull the stunt on April Fool's Day. (We're not bitter about being caught out, honest.)

"We faked a Flipnote Studio for Switch ""leak"" to goof on a couple of small Discord guilds, and needless to say it got wayyy bigger than we ever anticipated... sorry!

Full proof is in the replies, happy April Fools :^)" - [tweet removed]

Original Story [Mon 30th Mar, 2020 09:15 BST]: Flipnote Studio, the popular animation sharing app which appeared on DSi and 3DS, could be coming to the Nintendo Switch, if a new rumour is to be believed.

A series of screens apparently taken from a Switch version of the game have leaked online. According to Source Gaming, the shots are from a development build and were accidentally shared online by someone within Nintendo in Japan.

While it would be fairly easy to fake screens like this, Source Gaming has taken a good look at the Japanese text and stated that it checks out. Again, that doesn't mean this is 100% true – anyone who owns the originals and can speak Japanese could fake this – but if this is fake, it's a pretty solid mock-up.

Take a look at the screens below and let us know what you make of this rumour with a comment.

[source calcium-chan.itch.io, via youtube.com]