FDG was one of the many video game companies that ran an April Fool's joke yesterday. If you missed it, it was a pretend announcement for a new game called DuckTales QuackShots, which was apparently being co-developed by Game Atelier (best known for Monster Boy).

At the time, a lot of fans were confused as to why a joke would feature such stunning artwork. Well, it's actually because it was a real project. FDG made a legitimate pitch to Disney, but never got the license. Here's the full Twitter explanation posted on 2nd April:

As noted, instead of burying the material for it to never see the light of day, FDG thought it would make a funny joke out of the situation. In a follow-up tweet, a little more information about this project was revealed - with the developer and publisher explaining how the pitch was made between the first and second quarter of 2019. With any luck, Disney will one day reconsider.


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