The quirky, 'romantic comedy roguelite-RPG' Dandy Dungeon has been treated to a pretty substantial update today on Nintendo Switch, and the base game's been put on sale, too.

The update, called 'Dandy Dungeon II: The Phantom Bride', is said to more than double the size of the original game. Intrigued? Well, here's what's included:

- More than 90 dungeon types, over 560 weapons & armour and 260+ monsters!
- Over 130 original tracks of new music!
- Heaven’s Door: a BRAND-NEW, 99-floor, post-game challenge dungeon, playable for the first time ever!
- Collaborations with world renowned Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu and Touhou Project’s Zun!

Dandy Dungeon ~Legend of Brave Yamada~, to give it its full name, was already a treat to play before this update. When we played it for review, we said its light-hearted approach to story-telling and its puzzle-based combat and exploration make for a refreshing take on the often stale roguelite formula. It's one to check out, for sure.

Starting from today, the game will also be placed on sale to lure in any potential newcomers. If you want to get stuck in, you'll find the game available on the Switch eShop for $13.29 / €11.19 / £10.14.

Are you a fan of the game already? Think you might try it out thanks to all of this new content? Tell us below.