Telling Lies, the narrative FMV thriller from the developer of Her Story, is landing on Switch and other consoles courtesy of Annapurna Interactive at the end of the month. Set to drop on 28th April, the game came out on PC and iOS last year to positive reviews and picked up a host of award nominations for its design and performances.

The game puts a laptop in front of you and has you searching through footage from an NSA database. The player searches the database by inputting search terms, watching clips of four different people and discovering what links them. As you find out more intimate details about a two-year period, new search terms occur and the narrative gradually unfolds.

Developer Sam Barlow's Her Story had a similar set up involving sitting at a virtual terminal and scouring a database for clues to a developing story. While that might not sound particularly exciting on paper, Her Story was extremely effective in firing the deductive reasoning centres of your brain and getting your adrenaline pumping. We'll be intrigued to see how this translates to consoles - look out for a review nearer the game's 28th April release date.

Does that 'FMV' label scare you? Don't worry - if Her Story is anything to go by, Telling Lies is a million miles away from the shlock-y low production values and dodgy acting associated with the genre from the CD-ROM days. Excited for this? Played it on another platform? Let us know below.