Does he always look this smug?

Fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be more than familiar with raccoon overlord Tom Nook by now - the series' mortgage lender and island-starting entrepreneur who probably spends his weekends swimming in piles of cash - but now he's really made it, being recognised by real-life, economics-focused media.

The Financial Times, an international daily newspaper that specialises in business and economic news, has featured Tom Nook and his in-game bank on its front page today. The newspaper's front page regularly hosts stories on the likes of world leaders, the world's largest banks, and the latest political affairs, but the Bank of Nook's recent interest cuts have earned Animal Crossing a coveted spot.

You can see the front page for yourself below; the article reads just like any other, and if you were simply skimming what it had to say, you'd probably think that the Bank of Nook was a real thing causing spikes in gambling over turnip prices. Amazing.

Financial Times
Image: Financial Times

Naturally, there's a full article on the matter, too. It's titled, 'Virtual rate cut forces Nintendo gamers into riskier assets' and can be read in full here. It even gives a shoutout to some of you very lovely Nintendo Life readers who have been discussing the interest cut in our forum pages.

We feel oddly proud of our favourite money-sponging raccoon. Animal Crossing on the front page of the Financial Times, huh? What a world.