Later Daters will be swinging onto a Switch near you next month, so developer Bloom Digital Media has shared a brand new music video to get you all in the mood.

This 'sexy senior dating sim' has you rocking up as the newest resident to the Ye OLDE retirement community. There, you’ll join a cast of flirts and lovemakers on the prowl, dating and flirting with eight fetching residents while exploring different relationships and intertwining stories.

As we've previously reported, Later Daters will actually be released across several episodes; the developer is putting the finishing touches on the first three episodes as we speak, with a planned release date of 16th April, while a second series will be released "in the near future".

We must admit, we're sitting here humming "Later, Daters, lalalalala" as we write this, so it seems like they might be on to a hit.

We'll leave you with the original announcement trailer if you're interested in learning more, but do let us know if this catchy little ditty has you hyped for the game's launch next month with a comment below.