After a month of tremendous success, PlatinumGames' The Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter campaign is coming to close. As the team prepares for the next chapter of the game's release - presumably chuckling to themselves as they think about the $2 million they've just acquired - the studio has released a new interview with game director, Hideki Kamiya.

The interview covers a number of topics, with Kamiya explaining what makes the game so unique compared to Platinum's other titles, the aspects of the remaster he's most looking forward to, and what it was like being involved with the campaign itself. He reveals that he believes The Wonderful 101 to be "one of [his] very best games", and that he's happy this new release is giving it a second chance.

Kamiya also mentions that he's been playing Tetris 99 on Switch every day recently - as if we hadn't noticed. Saying that, we can't blame him.

Did you back the campaign? If not, and if you're interested, there's just over four hours left to go as this article goes live.