Coronavirus has already delayed certain video game releases and updates, and as much as Nintendo is pushing onwards with its own projects, there's a real chance some of its future releases and planned content may be postponed.

Speaking to The Washington Post recently (thanks for the heads up, GoNintendo), Animal Crossing: New Horizons director Aya Kyogoku reiterated how the team in Japan was dealing as best as it could with the current hurdles, and development on post-launch content was still going. In saying this, the team still has to be flexible:

We’re not sure if we have to shift anything, but I think we have to be flexible.

Producer Hisashi Nogami added how the wellbeing of the team was obviously the top priority right now:

In terms of the development team, I do have to think about their health and well-being as well.

The first free update for New Horizons (Version 1.1.0) has already been released. It allows players to celebrate Bunny Day with a special event in April.

Just last week, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai said there was a "high probability" of DLC fighter development not proceeding as scheduled due to COVID-19. He was even scheduled to give a presentation to a publisher, but the key parties were unable to meetup.

How would you feel about the post-launch content for Animal Crossing: New Horizons potentially be delayed? Tell us below.