N64 Portable
Image: smackedsam

Ever wondered what it'd be like to take your Nintendo 64 games on the go? Well, with this new custom console, you can do exactly that.

YouTube user smackedsam has shared a video showing off his latest design, a portable N64 console that can play all of your original cartridges. The body was 3D printed and includes an Expansion Pak as standard; you simply charge it up, slot in your chosen game and any necessary memory expansions and away you go.

There's something particularly cool about seeing the likes of GoldenEye 007 on a portable screen, and being able to chuck your cartridges into a portable console like this would be a great way to avoid the faff of getting your old N64 down from the loft every time you fancy a quick game. You can see the console and a little bit of gameplay right here.

So, can you get your hands on one of these yourself? Quite possibly. smackedsam notes that he intends to put the design up for sale and says to keep an eye on the video's comment section for updates.

What a time to be alive, huh? Let us know if you'd buy one of these in the comments below.