The official Animal Crossing-inspired Switch dock on the way from Nintendo is truly lovely, but this fan-made effort is also a wonderfully adorable alternative.

Reddit user Minituo has shared the image above online, showing off their creation for the world to see (and presumably for them to fall in love with immediately). Minituo says the dock is made from Fimo, a polymer clay that hardens in the oven. "I cut the base of the ground and the house out of a thin piece of wood and built the Fimo on top, baking it after each layer so that I don't mess up what I've already finished", they say.

It seems a large number of people - including us, we must admit - thought it was actually a cake at first. Naturally, we wouldn't recommend eating it.

This is the second fan-made Switch dock design we've seen this month; a few days ago, we shared another adorable dock that you can actually go ahead and buy to use with your Switch at home. Minituo also had an earlier design shared before the one above:

Animal Crossing fans are a talented bunch, huh? Keep 'em coming, folks!