Launching exclusively on Nintendo Switch later this year is Slice of Life, an arcade-style tennis game.

The game tells the story of Drake Lacasse who is rebuilding his life after an unfortunate mishap. Players are tasked with balancing their time between making new friends, getting in their essential tennis training and keeping up with their studies. There are a number of characters to encounter along the way, and forming strong bonds with them can help you to unlock perks which will help you on the court.

The game's story mode allows for drop-in co-op, should you want to invite a buddy to join you, and is said to feature "easy to enjoy, satisfying to mater" arcade tennis gameplay. Here's a quick feature list to tell you a little more:

-Experience a twisting narrative filled with interesting friends and foes.
-Fast-paced arcade-style tennis action.
-A deep perk-based customization system.
-Character driven storylines and social links.
-Tons of unlockable Sub-Games to mix up gameplay.
-A huge soundtrack to flavor your time at Rosegate.
-Local cooperative play with a partner.

The game's pencilled in for a Q2 2020 release on Switch, although we're expecting to hear more detailed release date news in the coming weeks.

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