Triple Scale Games has today revealed that Save Your Nuts, an upcoming party game featuring a nutty cast of sports-playing critters, is headed for Nintendo Switch next month.

The game is a competitive multiplayer affair that actually stars a number of local critters like dogs, squirrels, raccoons, beavers, wolves, and armadillos(?) all taking place in a variety of ball-based games. Each character has different skillsets, so you'll have to take into account their speed, strength, jump power and more before diving into an arena.

There are three different modes to explore in total. Capture the Nut drops an acorn onto the pitch and teams might fight to score with it, Thieves has players fighting to steal nuts from the opposition while protecting your own, and Battle is a "constant fight to be the last animal with their nuts intact". You can see some of this barmy action in the new trailer above.

Save Your Nuts is set to leave Early Access on Steam and launch for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on 16th April. There's actually a free demo available for PC owners if you wanted to try it out.

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