It's been a while now since Nintendo revealed a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was in development. Although there have been no official updates, there are some rumours currently making headlines around the internet.

One that seems to have gained traction comes from the Twitch stream of Tyler McVicker - an individual who runs the Valve News Network YouTube channel, recently interviewed the voice actor of G-Man, and is more commonly associated with "news and leaks" about Valve's upcoming projects. He's also got a Nintendo channel on the side and his claim to fame is uncovering the recently released Half-Life: Alyx years before rumours began to surface online.

McVicker's reportedly been sharing information about Nintendo's highly anticipated sequel to Breath of the Wild. Here's a full summary via the Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit:

Unlike the first part, the game will be linear at the beginning. Canonically, Link already knows Hyrule, so there is no point in climbing the towers again

Instead, the developers have filled the world with a miasmic version of Ganon, and until the infection is cleared from location to location, it will be impossible to move around the entire Hyrule

In this regard, the locations are worked out much deeper than in the original. At the very least, McVicker hints at the appearance of dungeons, strongly inspired by one game that knows a lot about spreading dungeons around the open world

In general, while designing the world of Breath of the Wild 2, developers was inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2 (officially known) and another unknown game

Based on what has been shown in the original reveal trailer, this sort of a sequel definitely sounds plausible. A lot of Zelda fans would also love to see the return of dungeons, which have been a staple of the series over the years.

What do you make of this rumour? Could you see dungeons making a return and Link having to clear Hyrule of a miasmic version of Ganon? Share your thoughts below.

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