Zelda Breath of the Wild

Beating Zelda: Breath of the Wild isn't especially hard, but it takes a moderate amount of effort – especially if you want to do it in style. That's precisely what YouTuber PointCrow has done – he's bested this classic action-adventure without allowing Link to take a single, solitary step.

Naturally, he couldn't help it that Link walks during cutscenes – those steps don't count – but for the rest of the game, Link uses other means of transport to get around. This includes hopping and backflipping, as well as using items like bombs to get where he needs to be. It's not plain sailing, as you can imagine; there are a few points where Link is simply swarmed by enemies, and without the ability to avoid them, PointCrow dies several times over.

But! He keeps at it. Items such as Majora's Mask make it harder for enemies for spot Link, while the Phantom Armour Set makes him more powerful, which means battles are easier. It's still a hard slog – the total playtime is over seven hours – but it's a pretty impressive feat nonetheless, and a really cool way to add some additional challenge to what is already a fantastic game.

You can watch the run below, but be warned, there's some rather colourful language.

[source polygon.com]