Image: DinosaurDracula

Super Mario toys can often be found doing the rounds at McDonald's restaurants around the world these days, but it's pretty crazy to think that this was also the case 30 years ago.

Back in 1990, this Super Mario Bros. 3 Happy Meal box was produced alongside a handful of new toys. According to DinosaurDracula, this particularly tasty option arrived in restaurants just after the launch of the game in the US and there were four collectable toys available in total. They're not exactly amiibo standard, but as a freebie that comes with your burger and fries, they'll certainly do.

It gets even better, though, because there was also a fantastically '90s TV ad to go with it. Here, we learn that the figures shown above could all do fancy little tricks - as long as you can make it past the bit with Ronald McDonald in it.

We'll leave you with another look at the box, complete with a quiz of sorts for buyers to complete. 'What does Mario's Frog Suit help him do in this watery world?' Leave your answers below!

Image: DinosaurDracula

[source dinosaurdracula.com, via twitter.com]