Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fan and mechanical engineer, Eric Heckman, came up with an electric idea to wire a taser to a GameCube controller, so he could shock himself while he played as the Pokémon fighter, Pichu.

In an email to Kotaku, Heckman explained how it's was a "pretty simple" design. Apart from the controller, system, and a copy of Smash Bros. on Switch, the components included an Arduino microcontroller, a relay switch and a cheap taser. The entire assembly took around two hours to wire, and the rest of the time was spent coding:

The controller has delays built in so that the taser activates at the same time Pichu takes damage within the game.

As noted, the whole invention relies on the electric mouse hurting itself (in-game) when it performs a special attack. This is all supposedly tied to the fact it's still learning how to control its electrical powers.

Heckman was unable to adjust the taser's voltage to match the power of each move, so he instead made it zap longer - depending on which move is executed. The taser also mimics the delivery of each attack. For example, Thunder Jolt is a brief shock, while the move Thunder unleashes a world of pain when the rumble motor movement is detected.

You can view more of this Eric's work over on his YouTube channel, Insert Controller Here. He's done various other experiments like this before if you feel like watching more. Else, take a look at the video at the top of this page to see his shocking play session with Pichu.

Do not attempt to recreate the device in the video above.