Sad Pikachu

Residents of the Croatian city of Split have missed out on Pokémon GO raid day because Niantic was relying on incorrect map data.

The hiccup was spotted by Reddit user jaleCro (thanks, VG247):

Apparently Niantic thinks that Split belongs to Italy like it did during WW2, and we got our raid day canceled without notification. Jokes aside, they seem to be using cells that are too big, since Split is 200km away from Italy. I guess this was the cell, based on reports.

The map cell in question clearly covers the east coast of Italy as well as Croatia's second-largest city, which, during World War 2, was captured and annexed by Italy. While it's highly unlikely that Niantic is relying on map data from that period, it is a rather embarrassing mistake to make, given the history.

Pokemon Italy Croatia

Another Redditor called BananApocalypse added to the conversation, saying that Newfoundland is often missed from Pokémon GO events because the game doesn't think it's part of North America:

Kind of related, but I’m in Newfoundland, and apparently we’re not part of North America. There has never been a Tauros seen here and we don’t get any of the regional exclusives.

Redditor Samerz360 confirmed this, stating:

Saskatoon here, we’re too far north for Tauros. At least we got Pachirisu. I think Newfoundland is one of the last parts of the world without a dedicated regional.

It would seem that Niantic needs to tighten up its regional boundaries in future to avoid annoying its fanbase. Have you noticed any inconsistencies where you live?

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