We love the official Nintendo Switch Dock, but honestly, it's a bit of a faff to take along with you on a journey if you want to dock your Switch outside of your home. Don't even get us started on the lack of stock for buying a second Switch Dock either - Nintendo just doesn't seem to keep them around for us to buy.

While this isn't the first third-party Switch docking solution to hit the market, it might well be one of the smallest and cleverest to date. Introducing Dongii, which recently launched on Kickstarter.

Here are some features that make Dongii stand out from other docks, taken from the press blurb:

- Play Games on Any Big Screen: Free your Nintendo Switch from the original bulky docking station. Save your switch from overheat before it wraps. Enjoy a wider vision for a better gaming and presentation experience.
- Connect Any of Your Favorite Headphones: Supporting Bluetooth 5.0 standard, adapting your console game to connect with all the Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Superb immersion experience in video games.
- All Ports You Need: With USC-C, USB-A and HDMI display ports in one dock to fit all your needs on any occasion and any time. There are many more potential capabilities waiting for you to explore.
- Fast charger & detachable Dock Design: Suit in any of your existing USB-C chargers, spare your room of taking any extra USC-A charger and HDMI adopter. Attach with our miniature Dongii 65W GaN fast charger, juice up all your compatible devices far quicker than the traditional charger.

We've been sent a unit to review and we'll bring our verdict to you soon. In the meantime, let us know what you think of this concept with a comment below.

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