Update: The same title is also available on the UK eShop for just £0.89. Other regions also appear to be running the same discount.

Original article: If Drawful 2 for 9 cents wasn't your kind of game, perhaps you would be more interested in Devolver Digital's absurdly wonderful puzzle-exploration game, Pikuniku.

At the moment, it's available on the Switch eShop in North America for just 99 cents. Here's the official Twitter announcement:

If you haven't played this game, or don't already own it, it was released last year in January. and supports a cooperative two-player mode. The game drops you into a colourful world, but not everything is quite as happy as it may seem. You'll be required to help peculiar characters overcome struggles, and uncover a deep state conspiracy.

For more information about it, you can read our review where we gave it eight out of ten stars.

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