Image: Nintendo Life

FIFA 20 might be something of a cash cow for EA, but things haven't been all that rosy with the game's online functionality for quite some time – a situation confirmed by the fact that Donovan "Tekkz" Hunt, one of the best FIFA players on the planet, recently stated that "no-one enjoys playing it". Eek.

FIFA 20's online issues were brought into even sharper focus over the past weekend as two professional players were forced to settle an official EA qualifier using a good, old-fashioned game of Rock, Paper Scissors (thanks, Eurogamer).

The reason? Server problems meant they couldn't create the match and therefore had no other way of deciding the result.

It would seem that FIFA's problem impacted other people during the 'Weekend League' event, which EA was forced to extend for an additional 24 hours:

Things became so bad that Virgin Media, one of the UK's biggest internet service providers, appealed to EA for an answer:

Given that FIFA is responsible for earning EA millions of dollars each and every year, you'd think that the company would have a grip on this situation by now. The question is, beyond professional players, do any of the FIFA fanbase care enough to ditch the series? And if so, with so few viable alternatives out there, where do they go for their digital footy fix?