A Furry Adventure

If you like anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics then you're in luck. Nekojishi: Lin & Partners looks certain to be funded on Kickstarter soon, so it looks like you won't have to wait too long to play with furries on the go on your Nintendo Switch.

The team behind the Kickstarter is Studio Klondike, a small and passionate indie team from Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, and all around the world who want to share their experiences and unique perspectives through their works. Theyโ€™ve been making games since 2016, and since the release of their visual novel Nekojishi in 2017, they've found a community of fans who connect with their stories.

In Nekojishi: Lin & Partners, the player will take the reins at Lin & Partners Architects LLP, an architecture firm specialising in the restoration of haunted locations, and must solve the problems of the beast-man spirits dwelling within them. As Lin & Partners grows, a larger company looms near; Liao and the others must uncover their motives and ideals for tradition in modern society.

Here's a bit more about the game from the press blurb:

- Explore Taiwan and uncover the secrets of the spiritual world in a cute, narrative focused adventure-RPG.
- Interact with characters to learn more about their world and find info along the way.
- Face off against spirits in debates using collected info to help bring them to your side.
- Delve into a game deep with world history and references to religion and traditions based in Taiwan.

Explore a wide game world, talk to characters, and help them out in questsโ€” solving puzzles and learning more about local history and traditions. When things come to a head, you'll need to prove the truth and face-off against spirits in real-time RPG debate battles. Make smart use of the information you've acquired to face every rebuttal of your opponents!

Will you be picking up this furry adventure when it lands on Switch? Let us know with a comment below.