Launching today on Nintendo Switch is Kunai, a "quirky, fast-paced action-adventure / Metroidvania". To celebrate, publisher The Arcade Crew has released a launch trailer for the game.

The new video shows off some of the platforming, exploration and combat you'll be getting up to as you play - who knew that a sentient tablet would make such an adorable hero? The game equips you with a sword, dual grappling hook-like blades, and "the most emotive operating system ever created", all in a bid to keep exploration "snappy, fluid, and entertaining".

We were also treated to another couple of videos just last month which gave us a closer look at Kunai's gameplay. If you're interested, make sure to check these out, too:

We'll leave you with a list of the game's key features. Think you might pick this one up from the eShop today? Let us know in the comments.

KUNAI Features:
Relentless Agility: Grapple up walls, hop across enemies, and hover over hazards. KUNAI’s traversal between regions and foes is smooth, swift, and responsive.
Killer Weapons: Wreck havoc with a missile-deflecting sword, death-dodging kunai, and dual-wieldable machine guns. KUNAI’s formidable weapons grant a fighting chance in a world overrun by despair.
Overflowing Charm: Feel like >:[ after taking a hit, while swinging over hazards, and :3 when crouching to ambush the level below. KUNAI’s starring warrior wears all emotions on its slee- … er, screen.
Evolving Arsenal: Unlock powerful new abilities to ensure your tablet-powered onslaught is a state-of-the-art affair.
Colourful Visuals: A striking visual style gives each region an immediate identity, with palettes ranging from subdued to gorgeously rich and vivid.