The latest set celebrating Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Image: Nintendo

Last July, it was discovered there were around 110 different Joy-Con colour combinations for the Switch and now we've got an updated list following on from Nintendo's announcement of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons themed system.

According to a post on the Nintendo Switch subreddit, by the user Link2Sora, there's now believed to be a whopping 289 different combinations. This apparently includes every single Joy-Con since the system was released, right up until more recent releases such as the special Disney Tsum Tsum Festival-themed ones.

Below is an image of the updated chart (click/tap here to view a higher quality 50.8 MB version):

Joy-Con Combinations
Image: u/Link2Sora

The latest Animal Crossing-themed Joy-Con are exclusive to the new bundle unless you're located in Japan.

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What's your favourite combination? How many sets do you have in the above chart? Tell us below.