The Switch has become the perfect console for quick, multiplayer fun, and Tilt Pack looks like it could fit that bill very nicely indeed.

The game has just launched on the Switch eShop, exclusively on Nintendo's machine. It's a physics-based couch-brawler which has you picking your very own fighter before diving head-first into action-packed battles to become the 'Ultimate Champion'.

You'll need to push your opponents out of each arena to seize victory, using a combination of skill, precise movement, and a variety of power-ups to do just that. You'll want to get the job done quickly, too, as each arena gets more and more unpredictable and dangerous as time goes on. We'd recommend checking out the (slightly cringey) trailer above to see how it all works.

Key Features:
Physics-based competitive game for friends and family
Colorful and hilarious characters
Couch-brawler for up to 4 players
FUNtastic interactive arenas
The easiest controls you could possibly imagine

As noted above, the game's available to download as we speak, priced at £12.50 / $14.99.

Think you might give this one a go? Make sure to let us know how you get on if you do!