Zelda Ocarina of Time

Considering it's one of the most famous and beloved Nintendo games of all time, we imagine a fair few of you reading this will have completed, or at least played, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in one form or another. We also imagine, however, that none of you have ever managed to beat it quite like this.

A speedrunner going by the name of Lozoots has just set the 'Any%' world record for speedrunning the game - a category which simply requires the player to beat the game as quickly as possible using any methods available. This means that you can use glitches or similar tricks where possible, and making use of a number of these little oddities has allowed Lozoots to reach the credits in less than ten minutes.

As explained by Zelda Dungeon, a new glitch known as 'Stale Reference Manipulation' and a process known as 'Arbitrary Code Execution' have been used in this latest run, enabling Lozoots to trim down what was already an impressive world record. Essentially, these strange little quirks mean that a player can warp straight to the game's credits from Kokiri Forest.

You can see the entire 9m 56s run in the video below:

A few days ago, we shared a speedrun which involved spawning Star Fox's iconic Arwing craft in Ocarina of Time.

We'll never understand how players managed to stumble across these wild glitches, and it's especially amazing to see new things being discovered more than 20 years after release.

Congrats, Lozoots!

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