Zelda Ocarina of Time

You may (or may not) be aware that Star Fox's iconic Arwing craft are contained within the code for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The devs used the craft to test the flight patterns of Death Mountain resident Volvagia – and the new-fangled Z-targeting system – but they were never removed from the game's code.

In the past, players have been able to access the Arwing by using special cheats, but now a speedrunner has caused them to spawn within the game via more 'legitimate' means.

As explained in this Reddit post, the was achieved via what's called an "Arbitrary Code Execution," a process which allows players to force the game to load and run the save file like game code. By using this system, speedrunners can finish the game super quickly, but, as Twitch streamer Zfg1 has discovered, it has the side-effect of calling in a swarm of angry Arwing craft.

According to Zfg1:

By doing ACE three times with different specific filenames, you can remove the character limit on the file name creation. With no character limit, you can type in any payload you want at any length. With this, you can do basically anything, and is known as Total Control.

A consequence of finding the ACE exploit is the shattering of the "Any%" world record time in the game, which was taken below the 17-minute mark last year. Since the discovery of ACE, speedrunner Lozoots has set four world records this year alone, each one under 13 minutes.

Have you pulled off this trick yourself? Or is this the first time you've heard about it? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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