Shovel Knight Dig 02

A small flurry of announcements dropped yesterday courtesy of Yacht Club Games, such as the reveal of Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon and an update confirming Shovel Knight amiibo support for Cyber Shadow. If that wasn't enough spade-based chivalry for you, the company also released some more information regarding the upcoming Shovel Knight Dig, including the reveal of a new knight and confirmation that the game is scheduled for a 2021 launch.

Yes, while things are reportedly progressing well, it seems that the game won't be launching this year. The team at Yacht Club also took the opportunity to introduce the latest addition to the series' ever-growing roster of characters. He's called Hive Knight and here's a look at him in addition to some details from Yacht Club's website:

HiveKnight 2 630x671

This bug-loving spelunker is never to be found without his loyal Beeto partner at his side. With the power of their teamwork, as well as some specially-modified armor, Hive Knight has the capability to fly and battle just like an insect! Hive Knight is sure to ‘bug’ Shovel Knight when the blue burrower dares set foot in their Entomological enclave.

While it may be disappointing to hear we won't be doing what Shovel Knight does best in 2020, there's certainly no shortage of content featuring the gallant one. That being the case, we're sure we'll survive while Yacht Club continues excavation on this project.

You can read about our hands-on impressions of the game last September and check out the announcement trailer below:

Looking forward to Shovel Knight Dig? Is there such a thing as 'too much' Shovel Knight? Let us know with a message below.