R-Type Final 2 might be on the horizon, but we've got a while to wait yet – which makes the announcement of Rigid Force Redux all the more appealing.

Developed by com8com1 and published by Headup Games, Rigid Force Redux is inspired by Irem's coin-op classic, as well as the likes of Konami's Gradius and Square's Einhander.

It will "challenge players to battle furious waves of sci-fi-themed enemies while powering up their ship with Force Shards and Energy Orbs" and is coming to both the Switch and Xbox One this summer.

com8com1's Head of Development, Marcel Rebenstorf, has previously worked at Ubisoft Blue Byte on titles such as ANNO and Might and Magic Heroes Online, and has spent the past few years working on this new title.

Check out the trailer and let us know if you're excited about playing this title on your Switch.