Bad Fur
Image: Rare

As many Nintendo fans from the N64 era already know, the foul-mouthed and filthy Conker's Bad Fur Day began life as a cutesy platformer before changing lanes and becoming an over-18-only affair full of innuendo, naughty words and wee.

Plenty of titbits related the game have come to light over the years and Chris Seavor - designer on the N64 game and voice of Conker himself - has even discussed the cancelled sequel. Recently, responding to a question via Twitter, Senior Software Engineer Chris Marlow gave us a little more context regarding the game's transition from twee platformer Twelve Tales to the foul-mouthed Fur Day we know and love.

Marlow worked as a programmer on the game (as well as providing the dulcet tones of The Great Mighty Poo) and in the video discusses a trip to E3 following two-and-a-half years work on Twelve Tales where the team realised on the show floor that their game would get lost in the crowd of colourful 3D platformers. Watch the video in the tweet below for the full story:

So, upon returning to Rare HQ Seavor was bought on as designer and on a whim the team added some machine guns to blast away the wasps in the first level. Studio head Tim Stamper saw this, found it hilarious and instructed them to "do more of that". So they did.

Despite seeing and hearing little from the foul-mouthed squirrel for many years, he still has the power to excite fans, as can be seen from the recent 'rebuild' of the game in Media Molecule's remarkable Dreams on PS4. As we recall, our sister site Push Square rather likes that game, and with Conker on board our interest is certainly piqued, too. Guess we'll wait for the inevitable Switch port.

Joke Alert! Joke Alert! That last comment was a hilarious jibe and not intended to insinuate Dreams is coming to Switch. Carry on.