Patches are an important part of gaming in the modern era, and allow developers to tweak aspects of a game as well as fix issues that have slipped through testing into the final product.

They also permit companies to correct embarrassing mistakes, as is the case with the Switch title Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix. When it was reported online that the game often gave players a brief (no pun intended) glimpse of the underwear of various 'Vocaloid' characters, Sega announced that it would be dealing with the issue as soon as possible.

It wasn't joking, either. The 'Version 1.03' update went live yesterday and solves the irksome panty problem with immediate effect.

If you'd like to gawp at the objectionable images as they appeared pre-patch, you can find them below (with a filter applied, thankfully):

Version 1.03 also offers the following additional fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in Arcade Mode where the Slide Note sound effect happens twice
  • Fixed a bug in Mix Mode where a long note is incorrectly displayed smoothly
  • Fixed a bug in Mix Mode’s sorting selector
  • Fixed a BGM/note synchronization issue with the song ジターバグ (Jitaabagu)
  • Fixed a problem with the recommended songs module
  • Fixed a timing problem after the player exits practice mode
  • Fixed control issues with the 2nd and 3rd DLC packs
  • Fixed other issues not listed above

Thank goodness for that, eh? The game has been confirmed for a western release this year when it will presumably arrive without a single unintentional panty shot in sight.

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