It might still be in Early Access on Steam, but Temtem - the Pokémon-like MMO from Crema Games - has had a very decent start. It's managed to sell 500,000 copies in its first month and, when we tried it out for ourselves, we were left even more interested in its upcoming launch on Switch.

Now that its first month has been successfully navigated, the Temtem team has released a short-term roadmap for the game. Crema Games notes that every detail shown below is "not 100% confirmed for the game", saying, "We’re not really big fans of having public dates for everything, they add a lot of unnecessary pressure on the team and they make making changes and swapping features around a very difficult task."

With that in mind, here's what we can expect to mostly appear in the game going forward:


More details on each of the segments listed above can be found on Crema Games' website; while it all naturally applies to the current version available on PC, we'd expect to see these make their over to Switch when it launches on Nintendo's platform in the future.

[source crema.gg, via kotaku.co.uk]