According to this week's issue of Japanese magazine, Famitsu, PlatinumGames will be sharing a "major" announcement in a future issue set to release on 27th February.

No further details have been shared in this tease, but you might remember that the Bayonetta and Wonderful 101 developer launched a mysterious 'Platinum4' website earlier this month. It was soon revealed that The Wonderful 101 Remastered was number one of four projects to be revealed, so we're guessing this announcement could well be number two.

While we don't want to get anyone's hopes up, we'll also leave you with this. 27th February happens to be a Thursday - a day which is commonly home to major Nintendo Direct presentations. It also happens to be Pokémon Day, which was used to reveal Pokémon Sword and Shield in a Direct last year. Could a full Direct be coming on the 27th, perhaps giving us Bayonetta 3's release date as well as other news?

Probably best to stay calm and ignore that list bit, huh? Let us know what you think the announcement could be in the comments.

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