PlatinumGames made waves this week with the announcement that it had launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring The Wonderful 101 to Switch, PS4 and Steam. The company had worked with Nintendo on acquiring the rights to the IP, and at the time of writing the crowdfunding campaign has raised over $1,440,000.

With PlatinumGames' shift into self-publishing, it's inevitable that other older titles will be revived, and producer Atsushi Inaba has revealed in an interview with IGN Japan that the studio is keen to bring the Bayonetta series to a wider audience.

The original game was published by Sega on the PS3 and Xbox 360, and was later ported to the Wii U and Switch. For the sequel, Nintendo stepped in to provide funding and therefore owns half of the IP. The third Bayonetta game is currently in development for Switch, and Nintendo is again funding development.

While Nintendo was perfectly fine with allowing PlatinumGames to bring The Wonderful 101 to other platforms, Bayonetta might be a slightly different proposition. Wonderful 101 didn't sell particularly well on Wii U, whereas Bayonetta 2 (and its forthcoming sequel) are much higher-profile; it's doubtful that Nintendo (or Sega, for that matter) would be willing to relinquish those rights as freely.

But stranger things have happened, right?

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