Update: And here's the trailer!

Original Story: After years of being chained to their desks churning out Picross game after Picross game after Picross game, developer Jupiter has teased and subsequently revealed a new game that doesn't involve steadily solving puzzles to reveal pixel art pictures. Initially teased on Twitter, the developer's new project has been revealed by Famitsu as Working Zombies, scheduled for release this summer.

According to the lovely peeps over at Japanese Nintendo, Working Zombies is a top-down 'slapstick action game' with four-player local co-op. A YouTube trailer is currently posted on Famitsu's website but labelled as private until midnight Japan time (3pm GMT). We'll update this article when it appears, but for now here are some screens:

Jupiter does have non-Picross titles in their back catalogue - games like Pokémon Pinball, for example - but it's been a while since the team has stretched its legs outside a 10x10 or 20x20 grid. There's no word on pricing or a Western release but we'll keep an eye on any details and let you know when we do.

Happy to see Jupiter break free from the shackles of Picross? Got room in your live for some zombie-based local multiplayer? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

[source japanesenintendo.com, via famitsu.com]